"only a whole being when at play"
- F.S 1794
Most of her work, as a multidisciplinary designer, is inspired by her interest in artiful furniture in it's objectness and furniture objects which can be seen as sculptural art with a functional meaning.
Not less then also motivated by her interest in the currently controversial and so-called infantilization of society, bringing up new perspectives through playful approaches to workplaces and everyday life to create the semblance of the escape. Finding that Cross- generational, there is not one universal definition of play her work wants to be defined by each observer in their own reflection. In the past centuries, the phenomenon of play has been dealt with philosophically
( "On the aesthetic education of man" 1795, Friedrich Schiller ) well as pedagogically from a variety of position ( "The century of the Child", 1900, Ellen Key) and perspectives and are now revisited by the artist.
In Conclusion... she wants to express the free playful thinking in art and objects which can be furniture.
18.11 || 19h
2018               causing confusion eversince
2018               graduation M.A. Interior-Design, PME-Design
2017 - 2018   Product-, Furniture- and Exhibitiondesign studies, HS Trier
2017               graduation B.A. Interior Architecture, Construction in existing context
2015 | 2016  Internship Product development, Bartmann Berlin, Berlin
2013 - 2017   Interior Architecture studies, HS Trier
2009 –2012  Architecture studies, HS Trier

2018               Newcomer Nominee 2018, German Design Council
2016              Afilii  (click here)
2018                  Master Exhibition "Faux Naïf", HS Paulusplatz, Trier
2019                  X99-Hibition_Also_733, alte Marmeladenfabrik, Cologne

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