Nikki de León, is a German-American visual artist, raised in Kaiserslautern (D), currently lives and works in Cologne, Germany.
She studied architecture, interior design and graduated with a masters in product-, furniture- and exhibition design at the Campus for Art and Design in Trier (D) in 2018.
In addition to her chosen major, she focused on analog drawing and visual craftsmanship. Following her studies, Nikki de León started working as an independent artist focusing her work on drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. Inspired by different techniques of art, architecture and design, she uses aspects of these disciplines to create a wide range of different works.
' From perception to form to emotion

In a visual language that finds its space between abstraction and typography, Nikki de León develops her works in images, objects and texts from a deeply personal emotion. For her, the sound and appearance of a word is on a separate emotional plane of communication that is independant of meaning. Through this synesthetic production of her artistic expression, she encodes her contrasting art in her own formal language that is simultaneously word-, form-, and emotion-based.

"It's like a conversation. I share my perception and narrate in shapes and lines, corners and arcs. For me, emotions sometimes feel deeper and look different than the word or phrase they describe."

Inherent in this minimalist abstract formal language is a grammar of her own, through which her compositions are simultaneously marked by precision and interpretive openness. Her works speak between the lines, making lines and shapes in her drawings appear like typographic signs. At the same time, these signs merge in form and shape.

Between the strongly coded artistic narrative and the deciphering on the viewing side, a field of tension emerges that wants to be discovered. Personal emotions are shared and made visible, and ever new constellations of forms that oscillate between lyrical and visual formations invite the viewer to form texts and read forms. '

Text: N. Saia-Schmitz, 2022
• Lectureship, cgi, typo abstracts, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen (D)
• "Art and Construction" Class|Workshop, Heliosschool-Inclusive University School of Cologne
• Independence as Artist
• Master of Arts (M.A.), Exhibition | Object Design + Functional Art; Interior Design
• Product-, Furniture-, Exhibition design; Interior Design, Campus Art & Design Trier (D)
• Bachelor o Arts (B.A.), Construction in existing context "Coconoe" ; Interior Architecture
• Interior Architecture + Design ; Campus Art & Design Trier (D)
• Internship, Product design and development, Bartman Berlin, Berlin (D)
• Interior Design Studies, Campus Art & Design Trier (D)

• Architecture Studies, Campus Art & Design Trier (D)
Honors | Awards
• German Design Award - Newcomer Nominee 2019, issued by Rat für Formgebung Frankfurt (D)
• "Coconoe" building in Existing Context, honored by BDIA for outstanding B.A. exposition
Group | Solo | Represented
UPCOMING: January 27th -28th 2023
"Nice Dry!" Kultur und Gut, Hamburg(D)
"Blackmarket - Cash Only", Studio Exhibition, Cologne (D)
"Grad", Installation w| Designer Nikolas Miranda for  Cameo Kollektiv, Hannover (D)
"Taking (P)art", public Painting, House of cultures, Saarbrücken (D)
"León X No 59",Store exhibition selected Works, N°59, Cologne (D)
"Drawing the Line", Intermediate use, Unser Ebertplatz, Cologne (D)
"Ice", comission work for Eisfeld, StammSt, Cologne (D)

"Workspace", Mural, Art museum Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach (D)
"FEWL",puclic Painting, commision work, Hans und Franz, LeoSt, Cologne  (D)
"Love"- Leoniden, Artwork realization, Prod.: J. Strauch | C. Timm | No Talent  

".Happens", public Mural, Bumann+Sohn, Bartholomauus-SchinkSt, Cologne  (D)
"Faux Naïf", Installation Object for  Salzen, Black Print Launch, selected Venues in Europe
"Streetchairs", w/El Warcha Collective Tunis,  MAKK Cologne/Tunis (D/TUN)
"Ladrón de ventanas", GruenBlauGrau", Temp. Art, VenloerSt, Cologne (D)
"Faux Naïf", Object Exhibition, Martin Glanz, Cologne (D)

Joelle Siebenaller "Faux Naïf"/"Guriya- A feminist clothing", MAKK Cologne (D)
"New Post: Offline", Solo Exhibition, Rosebud, Cologne (D)
"Faux Naïf " Object, x99-hibition, Group exhibition, Cologne (D)
"Story of three women", Private House, Stadtpark, Saarlouis  (D)
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